My name is…


…Djanina. Born 1972 in Versailles/France, I started to run as I was 6 years old in the forests surrounding the castle of Versailles, nearby Paris. With 12 I ran my first half-marathon and got from then addicted to long distance running. I’ve been moving over the time in Spain (Granada) and Germany (Munich/Cologne/Bonn/Hannover) for studies and for work, but always searching for hills, higher hills, mountains, snow, wind, nature for any kind of sport activities like MTB and Snowboarding. I am now living in Castelldefels, near Barcelona, directly at the wonderful natural Park of Garraf together with my 2 kids and all our pets 🙂

I got to become a known ultra-trail runner in Spain through being 2012 first running woman rounding the Island of Menorca during the more than 185Km long Menorca Ultra Trail, Cami de Cavalls. As from then, I got to successfully run several ultra-trail races as always smiling Haglöfs Friend.

Nowadays I am setting up Trail Experience camps (powered by Haglöfs and Gore-Tex) in Spain with the aim to share sport, nature, friendship and outdoor passion with people of the world.